Hello to those who have stumbled upon my blog! 

My name is Summer. I’m 22 years old with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Texas at Dallas. Writing has been a hobby of mine from the moment I learned how to curve my lines to convey infinite meanings. My writing may lack sophistication and perfect grammar, (I apologize in advance to the many English language enthusiasts out there who may read my blog and cringe) but I do what I can with the only art I’ve found a home in.

    I enjoy being a storyteller. As a child I wove together torn out pieces of notebook paper with ribbon,or string, or fishing line. My handwriting was emblematic of a lefty blind spot. Words fell off the pages, and were occasionally unidentifiable from the accidental smudges. I would show them to my parents, my name scribbled heavily, and proudly, onto my “book.” My mother said my stories always reflected my anxious personality as a child. Although this is probably true, it has allowed me flourish as a writer. Much of my writing explores my own deepest fears coupled with the intensity of emotion I feel on a regular basis. Fear has an interesting way of garnering inspiration. 

     I have only just begun to dip my pen in the world of flash fiction, so stick with me as I further develop my skill. I am in the process of writing a novel, but with my lack of English and writing education it has been a slow process. I only took one English course in college, and a class specifically for writing in the 5th grade. The majority of educational experience has been to write papers to a specific format, with a specific type of voice, for a specific audience (in other words, redundancy of APA, active voice, and psychological journals). Although this has given me a unique perspective of my fellow human, it did not necessarily lean in my favor for *creative and fictional* writing. Sometimes I like to compare myself to B.F. Skinner and his attempt at writing with Waldon Two (although, I lack his genius). 

Some of my writing may be unorthodox. Some of it may be offensive, frightening, or triggers for victims of various abuses and circumstances. I do not intentionally mean to dig up these triggers, and I apologize for any residual pain it may cause. My interest in horror is to explore the taboos of the human condition. A looking glass of sorts into the shadows of our past, the nuances of tragedy in everyday life, and our inexstinguishable curiosity. 

Love to all, 



One thought on “About

  1. Whoa! I am also INFJ and a lefty, but I only have one skinny cat. I love that you can be so honest with your audience. Good luck with your travels.

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